Geoff Johns

Forever Evil / Arkham War

Dodano: 18 July 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

LESSER EVIL   Since its inception, the superhero genre has created countless villains. At first they merely served as plot devices – their only purpose was to be defeated by the protagonists, so that they could give meaning to the latter’s existence and prove the righteousness of their mission. To this day, in the hands […]

Earth One

Dodano: 8 November 2013 | Michał Chudoliński

The author of this review is Michał Chudoliński. You can find out more about him here. The Batsuit-wearing defender of Gotham is such a gripping character, because over the years he has learned to adapt to the public mood that would prevail at a particular time in the United States. He is the kind of hero that […]