Burton vs. Nolan

Dodano: 10 June 2013 |

The author of the article is Michał Jadczak. You can learn more about him here. 7 reasons why Burton’s Batman is better than Nolan’s trilogy Batman is Batman is Batman. The cape darker than the darkest of nights. Bat ears more pointy than mountain peaks. Black eyeliner straight from Rimmel. Gadgets that would make James […]

Tim Burton’s City of Nightmares

Dodano: 8 May 2013 | Michał Chudoliński

The author of the article is Rafal Kolsut – comic book writer, student of theatre and film studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. When in 1989 the Dark Knight celebrated his 50th birthday, and Batman was released in movie theatres, nobody suspected that Tim Burton’s novel perspective would forever transform film adaptations of […]