Batman: Killing Joke

The Joke That Came True

Dodano: 14 December 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

“Batman. The Killing Joke”, now and then Author: Michał Chudoliński Translated by: Sebastian Kownacki One of the most popular comic books on Gotham’s Dark Knight is about to be adapted for an animated series, the first installment to be R-Rated. The cult story by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, which is considered a part of […]

Blinded by Freedom – About The Killing Joke

Dodano: 17 August 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

Blinded by Freedom Blessed are those who can laugh on thyself, for they shall have the laugh until thy day will come. I thought that everything about “The Killing Joke” has already been said; the topic seemed completely worn-out. I have never been so wrong… The critics’ accusations of shallowness and simplicity of “Batman: The […]