Dodano: 31 May 2013

We welcome collaborators who are either Batman fans, students of humanities or popular culture enthusiasts. Students of editing, philology and linguistics, specialized in proofreading or capable of translating into English, are welcome as well.

We are interested in self-contained, cross-sectional articles, as well as reviews of completed comic book stories or series. We believe that stories worth analysing require a beginning and an end, so we will not publish reviews of single issues, which give only a glimpse of the entire idea.

Most welcome are articles with a properly presented and argued thesis; texts that show the Dark Knight and his background in the new light. Whether the article is critical of the franchise or it is its praise is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the text itself, the idea, arguments presented in support of that idea, and overall quality.

Before you write anything, however, we would ask you to send us a summary of your article, including a brief description of the main idea and a list of publications it will be based on. Once the topic is approved, the following editorial requirements should be met:

  • Recommended length of the article is between 5 and 10 pages (Arial, 12p., leading 1.5, 2.5 cm margins). The text should not be longer than 15 pages.
  • The text should have a clearly separated heading, a lead and subheadings for clearer structure.
  • The text should be saved as a .docx, .doc or .odt file (not .pdf!)
  • Titles of books and magazines should be written in italics.
  • Quotes longer than one sentence should be placed in a separate paragraph and written in font size 10p.
  • Illustrations attached should include a description as follows:
    Description of the illustration. Authors: First and last names. © Name of the publisher or the studio/copyright holder.
  • Reviews should include at the end the following information:

Title of the comics
Date of publication:
No. of pages:
Format: size
Cover: SC/HC/SC with jacket flap/HC with jacket flap
Paper: offset/gloss/other
Print: colour, black and white
Distribution: bookshops/Internet/etc.

We should emphasise that all the members of the editorial team write inspired by their love of the subject and are not paid for their efforts (and proceeds from ads are just enough to pay for the server and domain maintenance). We are working on ensuring that in future we will be able to remunerate our writers and collaborators. Until that time, Gotham in the rain remains a non-profit website, which hopefully brings authors satisfaction from the fact that their writings are being published, and bring readers the pleasure of enjoyable and worthwhile read. 


If you are interested in writing for us, send your text to or If the text is suitable for our website, you will receive a response within several days, and your text will be published on Gotham in the rain.