Dodano: 9 July 2013

Gotham in the rain is created by Batman fans for Batman fans. However, if you should decide that information published on our website have helped you to better understand the phenomenon of the Dark Knight and you would like to express your gratitude with a donation, below you can find the number of our bank account. The amount is absolutely up to you, every donation is very welcome and our supporters will remain anonymous.

Why should you support us? The money will be used not only to pay for the server and the domain, but also new Batman books, films and games which we would review and analyse for you. We operate on the premise that such actions genuinely support publishers, studios and distributors which give us stories about the caped crusader from Gotham. In this way we help them to carry out their projects and we contribute to counteracting internet piracy and unauthorised translations. We would not wish to exist in spite of or in the infringement of copyrights to Batman. What is more, we would like to maintain the quality of our website and work with the most qualified and experienced authors and editors available.

Please make your donation to:

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