The Many Lives of Catwoman

Dodano: 4 September 2017 | Michał Chudoliński

I was delighted when I was asked to write a book review of The Many Lives of Catwoman: The Felonious History of a Feline Fatale by Tim Hanley. It is all the more important to have a woman reviewer in a men-dominated superhero world, and even the book about a feline heroine was written by […]


Dodano: 22 February 2017 | Michał Chudoliński

The book by Dr. Janina Scarlet is a psychological guide that, despite its catchy title, is not really that original. On the other hand, the form of psychological help presented in Superhero Therapy is so niche that it will only reach a very limited audience. Maybe that’s exactly where its potential lies. Dr. Janina Scarlet […]

The Supernatural Cinema of Guillermo del Toro

Dodano: 8 October 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

Mexican director, producer, screenwriter and writer Guillermo del Toro is known for utilization of supernatural elements in his movies. In his works he often treads a fine line between real and mystical. From Cronos to Crimson Peak del Toro widely opposes the brutality of the rational word to the promise or danger of something that […]

The Caped Crusade

Dodano: 4 May 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

BATMAN V NERDS: THE MANY FACES OF THE DARK KNIGHT AND HIS FANS   The year 2016 marks the 77th anniversary since the debut of one of the most famous and most popular superheroes of all time in Detective Comics #27: Batman. Ever since that moment, the Dark Knight has been interpreted in many ways […]


Dodano: 22 February 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

BAT-PARADOXES   An average, modern Batman fan, who is used to the dark visions of Frank Miller, Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan may be very surprised when he tries to watch even one episode of the 1960s Batman TV series starring Adam West in the titular role. Heroes in bright, colorful costumes, bat-gadgets for every […]

How to read superhero comics and why

Dodano: 29 January 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

The skeleton key The scientific debate concerning comics, which started in the mid 1900s, has been growing ever steadily in all areas of humanities and social sciences. Comic books drew the particular interest of scholarly circles, mostly grouped in literary studies, cultural sciences and philosophy. In Poland comics are similarly gaining recognition among academics, as […]

Reading Comics

Dodano: 27 January 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

READING BETWEEN THE PANELS   One of the biggest mistakes one can make when talking about comics is treating them as a genre. This is caused by the fact that since its birth it has been a form of art dominated by superhero stories. As a result, the word “comic” in mass perception is very […]

Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder

Dodano: 8 January 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder. Scholars and Creators on 75 Years of Robin, Nightwing and Batman Batman as a character and popular culture icon was, from his creation to the contemporary incarnations, the subject of plethora of scholarly as well as popular science books. Historical, social, political and cultural meaning of Batman was thoroughly examined and explained. […]

The Power of Comics. Second Edition

Dodano: 10 June 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

(Somewhat restraint) Power of comics   Mainstream acceptance of every popular form of culture requires covering a whole range of evolutionary steps. Their order is subject to certain permutations, but their occurrence is in most cases necessary – hardly ever does a medium or a genre enter the mainstream without going through each and every […]

The Batman Files

Dodano: 8 April 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

Probably all readers of Seasons of Storms, Andrzej Sapkowski’s latest release from the Witcher saga – yes, you’re still reading a review of The Batman Files – would agree that the author would do much better if he published Jaskier’s Half a Century of Poetry instead of this peculiar midquel, which isn’t really linked to […]