Reading Comics

Dodano: 27 January 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

READING BETWEEN THE PANELS   One of the biggest mistakes one can make when talking about comics is treating them as a genre. This is caused by the fact that since its birth it has been a form of art dominated by superhero stories. As a result, the word “comic” in mass perception is very […]

Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder

Dodano: 8 January 2016 | Michał Chudoliński

Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder. Scholars and Creators on 75 Years of Robin, Nightwing and Batman Batman as a character and popular culture icon was, from his creation to the contemporary incarnations, the subject of plethora of scholarly as well as popular science books. Historical, social, political and cultural meaning of Batman was thoroughly examined and explained. […]

Interview: Logan Ludwig

Dodano: 9 October 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

  Tomasz Zaglewski: In your book Moving Panels you are basically considering the border between the languages of cinema and comic books. Could you tell us what is, in your opinion, the definite point of distinction between those two media?   Logan Ludwig: –        I found that the fact that films are locked into a […]

Interview: Julian Darius

Dodano: 26 June 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

American Dream doesn’t feel likely for most Americans anymore Interview originally published on Michal Chudolinski: What’s your feelings about Batman v Superman teaser trailer? Do you like it or makes you bored? Julian Darius: My original reaction was underwhelmed. I know it was only a teaser trailer, but there’s not a lot in it. […]

Mindscape of Bruce W. – Short One-shot

Dodano: 17 June 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

With great pleasure we present the first fan comic book on “Gotham in the Rain”! Our story take place after traumatic events from “Batman: KillingJoke” and “Batman: Death in the Family”, although this plot could happen earlier or even later period of Batman’s career as Caped Crusader. We wonder how Bruce Wayne cope with himself […]

Interview: Dave Johnson

Dodano: 12 June 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

Dave Johnson at Warsaw of Comics Festival 2015 Photography by Jarek Obważanek | PSK   Maciej Kur: What was the first comic book you have ever read? Dave Johnson: The first, the earliest one I remember, what actually got me into comics, was Micronauts number five. I had been buying the toys before that. I just […]

The Power of Comics. Second Edition

Dodano: 10 June 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

(Somewhat restraint) Power of comics   Mainstream acceptance of every popular form of culture requires covering a whole range of evolutionary steps. Their order is subject to certain permutations, but their occurrence is in most cases necessary – hardly ever does a medium or a genre enter the mainstream without going through each and every […]

The Batman Files

Dodano: 8 April 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

Probably all readers of Seasons of Storms, Andrzej Sapkowski’s latest release from the Witcher saga – yes, you’re still reading a review of The Batman Files – would agree that the author would do much better if he published Jaskier’s Half a Century of Poetry instead of this peculiar midquel, which isn’t really linked to […]

Co-Creator. Press release

Dodano: 11 March 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

Press release by Lenny Schwartz, Daydream Theatre Company. Daydream Theatre Company and The Arctic Playhouse are proud to announce their spring 2015 show, “Co-Creator” a play written and directed by Lenny Schwartz. The play is being produced by Jim Belanger, Lloyd Felix, and David Vieria. Production dates are April 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, […]

Batman. A Visual History

Dodano: 11 February 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

Large-format illustrations are not enough…   … for a non-exhaustive, yet encyclopedic publication. “Batman: A Visual History” isn’t even a proper encyclopedia. In no way does it remind of previous efforts by Michael Fleisher or Robert Greenberger, whose “The Essential Batman Encyclopedia” is still a useful compendium for pop culture fanatics.  This book seems to […]

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

Dodano: 9 February 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

A bona fide comic art book The reprinted and revised edition of Arlen Schumer’s work, first published over a decade ago, is not just any old book. When you pick up “The Silver Age of Comic Book Art” you rather experience than simply read it. And this is precisely what makes it so beautiful, captivating […]

The Symbolism of a Bat. Bat in Pop Culture

Dodano: 26 January 2015 | Michał Chudoliński

It must be said openly – Batman doesn’t have a monopoly on the use of the symbol of the bat. It may be hard to believe for his committed fans, but the Dark Knight is not the only hero having spectacular connections with flying mammals. Pop culture abounds in both bats, which in various forms […]

The Symbolism of a Bat. Bat in the Cultures of the World

Dodano: 12 December 2014 | Michał Chudoliński

There was nothing but bats inside this house, the house of Camazotz, a large animal, whose weapons for killing were like a dry point, and instantly those who came into their presence perished.  Popol Vuh. Book of the Quiché People Bat is a very particular animal. Many references to this flying mammal, often symbolising darkness […]

The Dark Knight Mourning

Dodano: 3 December 2014 | Michał Chudoliński

The following interview was originally published in the non-existent weekly magazine “Przekrój” on 30th July 2012. Bruce Wayne isn’t able to accept his fear and aggression. Hence, he puts on the Batman mask – says Michał Czernuszczyk, a psychotherapist and a member of the Polish Psychological Association in an interview with Michał Chudoliński. Michał Chudoliński: […]

The Symbolism of a Bat. In the Abyss of Superstitions

Dodano: 29 September 2014 | Michał Chudoliński

As we could see in the previous article, a bat isn’t an animal of particular sympathy. It has been persecuted and associated with evil forces for centuries, and even now it suffers from different superstitions and prejudices. In the present text, I would like to systematise and describe the most common superstions regarding the flying […]