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Michał Chudoliński is an author and the creator of Gotham in the Rain, a graduate of sociology at Collegium Civitas with experience in journalism and research. His MA thesis was focused on deviance portrayed in films about Batman, and was based on both the sociology of culture and the sociology of deviance. Between 2003 and 2006 he was responsible for the comic book division of the BatCave website. Since then, he has been contributing to Magazyn Miłośników Komiksu KZ, an online magazine for comic book enthusiasts. He also writes for Nowa Fantastyka, Czas Fantastyki, 2+3D and online edition of Polityka. He is the co-editor of the most recent issue of the magazine Zeszyty Komiksowe (#15), dedicated entirely to the Dark Knight of Gotham. Interviews: Popblog 1Popblog 2, TOK fm (Emergency link)Weare.plProsto z kadru

Michał Siromski is a psychologist and project coordinator at CISTOR Social Partnership Society in Toruń by profession, and a comics researcher in his free time. He has written for AQQ, Zeszyty Komiksowe, Ziniol, and Anthologies of the Comicsology Symposium. Since 2004 he is a member of the Magazyn Miłośników Komiksu KZ editorial staff.

Lukasz Chmielewski aka Chmielu writes comics (series Dogmat and short stories published here and there) and writes about comics (for Produkt and SFera in the past, currently for KZ) as well as films. A member of the Produkt Crew disbanded due to the harsh reality of Polish market. A history graduate. A fan of Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Brian Bendis, Joe Hill, Stephen King, Andrzej Sapkowski, Thomas Harris, James Ellroy, John Katzenbach, Michael Mann, Trent Reznor, early Kazik and few other guys. Batman and Punisher devotee. Die-hard comics fan and cyclist. He lives in Bydgoszcz with his wife Luiza and catkins called Brush and Spot.

Michał Jadczak was born in 1987 in Warsaw. From early childhood he has been fascinated by everything, which expands imagination, from Lego to comic books. He has encountered American superheroes for the first time in elementary school, when he became an avid reader of Spiderman’s adventures. Although he is not particularly fond of heroes wearing underpants over their trousers, he respects and admires Batman. Loves literature, music and coffee enveloped in cigarette smoke.

Monika Banik is a compulsive reader, Sherlock Holmes enthusiast and a former co-host of the podcast “Gorzej nie będzie“. She divides her free time between rescuing stray animals and hunting rouge commas and double spaces.

Aleksandra Żywińska is a student of Polish Philology at the Jagiellonian University, with one sinister feature: she can notice even the tiniest mistake committed by an author, and would never hesitate to point it out. Usually she is an optimistic, kind and cheerful singer, who writes poetry, dances and bakes, but after hours she transforms into a bloodthirsty proofreader/editor and simply nitpicks. Her only justification is the fact that the quality and correctness of writing have priority over the suffering of authors.

Klementyna Dec is a translator and interpreter by profession and by passion, who dedicates her remaining free time to introducing Neil Gaiman to Polish readers via the Polish version of his online journal.

Marek Kamiński is a graduate of mathematics at Wrocław University. He’s a huge fan of: Batman, mathematics (especially recreational), cuban salsa with Rueda de Casino, movies (he has over 300 DVDs in his home collection, maybe 400) and film music. His MA thesis was focused on mathematics hidden inside works of Lewis Carroll, creator of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and mathematician.Interviews: Popblog 1, Popblog 2

Adam Ladzinski is a child of the ’80s, enthusiast of the English language, blogs and sitcoms. Not particularly fond of Cracow, where he lives on one of the big estates.

Wojciech Pawliński is a student of Graphics Arts at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, poster designer, comic book artist and illustrator. Here is his website.

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