Dodano: 23 April 2013

Batman has a very singular place in the superhero pantheon. Not because he is a flesh and blood human being, without any superpowers. He has, after all, one particular power – access to an unlimited fortune, which means he can afford various gadgets, a computerised cave, a mansion, fast cars and lavish parties. His uniqueness lies in ambiguity – a feature, which makes even Superman apprehensive. What really drives him? Why is he dedicated to a goal he cannot ever achieve? Which side of his personality is dominant: a mature man who sacrifices his own good for the benefit of the others, a damaged child, or a demon of revenge, craving violence? One thing is certain – as a hero, he is an example of a character, who has risen from the depths of despair thanks to his own hard work and resilience, and is now able to give his life meaning and shape it as he pleases. It is just one of the many reasons why the legend of the Dark Knights means so much for millions of readers and film or animated series audience.

The masked crusader from Gotham affects our imagination, because he can adapt to different times. During peacetime he can even crack a joke and mock himself. But when darker times are coming, and news of crisis, corruption in the government and acts of violence dominates the media, Batman becomes gloomy and listless. Why is this character so easy to transform? What future holds for him? How was Adam West’s Batman ’66 or Frank Miller’s Dark Knight introduced? These are some of the questions I will attempt to answer on this blog. Hopefully, it will become a resource of unique historical, critical and analytical texts concerning the most important branches of the Batman franchise: comic books, films, animations and computer games. From time to time you will also find interviews with those among Batman’s creators, who left their unmistakeable mark on the character of the Dark Knight.

We are not forgetting those, on whom Batman’s lifespan depends the most: the fans. It is thanks to their contributions – in the form of low-budget films, music, cosplay and other grass-roots initiatives – that Batman’s mythology is cleverly and innovatively interpreted. Our ambition is to present you with the most interesting news from the fandom – both their newest productions and examples of cosplay.

The world of the defender of Gotham is such a vast, lively and interesting place, that we are in no danger of running out of suitable topics for new posts. And what is the origin of the name Gotham in the Rain, you may ask? As we all know well, Batman’s beloved home town is not famous for sunshine and rainbows. It is a forsaken place, cursed to be forever plunged in darkness and covered in heavy rain clouds, and the storm is always coming. Gotham is a synonym of everything we are afraid of in today’s world, our fear of civilisation and social aberrations. This monster of a city reveals its true nature whenever the storm approaches; and it is always heralding events which Batman will undoubtedly be involved in. But is it not exactly what we want and expect?

So see you there, in the pouring rain of this forsaken by God and men American metropolis…

Michał Chudoliński & the team